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L&L Skippers was founded in 2015 in Melkbosstrand. Ever since, we have been offering comprehensive and affordable private lessons (both theory and practical) with a focus on improving students’ skills and boosting their self-esteems. Teaching is a passion for us and it brings us immense joy to be able to share our knowledge with our students.

At L&L Skippers, we believe in the importance of one-on-one attention, to ensure that every student learns at a pace that is suitable for them. We adapt our lessons according to the unique learning styles of our students and our ‘no time-limit’ policy on our theory classes ensure that no student leaves the class feeling unsure about any aspect of the study material. We strongly believe that this is the reason for our success rate to date (none of our students have ever achieved under 80% for their final examinations!).

Regardless of your level of experience, if you have a dream of acquiring a skippers licence, get in touch today. We’ll be happy to help you make that dream come true!

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Terence & Natasha

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