Set FOS 12 port and starboard lights


FOS LED series of navigation lights are designed to save power consumption on board and offer reliability, efficiency and
optimal visibility at sea for more than 50.000hours. This new series of specially designed LED navigation lights is suitable for
vessels up to 12m or 20m offering enhanced safety. LED technology provides supreme efficiency with up to 80% less power
consumption compared to conventional bulbs. Their completely sealed unit ensures durability and safety. Not including filament
to break, FOS LED are extremely shock and vibration resistant.
FOS LED means:
– No spare bulbs!
– No maintenance!
– Long lifetime!
All codes of the FOS LED series include DIN7981 / ISO7049 screws and a double side adhesive sticker that can be used as
drilling drawing. They are also pre wired with marine cable 0.6m making the installation quick and easy



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